I’d like to share a few top tips for self-care during this prolonged period of uncertainty:

Remember, what works for me may not work for you, so try a variety.

  • Go on a daily walk; regular fresh air and a change of scenery is a must.
  • Drink water regularly throughout the day and be mindful of what you eat. Having said that, even I have a cheeky treat now and then!
  • Try to limit the number of video calls that you participate in.
  • I don’t open emails on a Friday evening onwards, especially if I know they are going to cause me stress and unnecessary worry over the weekend.
  • Equally, it’s important to have a cut-off time in the evening – from your work and your workplace. Determine a time in the morning when communication starts. This is the same for social media, WhatsApp and texts, etc. – they should all be part of our workplace values and ethos.
  • If you want to avoid temptation, consider deleting apps and removing emails from your mobile phone.
  • You can’t say yes to everything. Saying no is good for your mental health and helps you to create healthy boundaries.

  • Check what you are watching, listening to and reading, including social media. As we know, the news is primarily doom and gloom, for obvious reasons currently. Personally, I listen to music during the day and try to only watch or listen to one news report, to filter what goes into my mind.
  • Putting your SELF FIRST is not selfish. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.
  • Don’t feel pressured to get involved in campaigns and/or debates, especially on social media.
  • Try to make time to switch off from watching television and being on social media. More importantly, keep devices out of the bedroom.
  • I make a to do list before bed, noting down what I need to action the next day.
  • Where possible, aim to have a bedtime routine and make sure you have enough sleep.
  • I put my legs up the wall (see image) for a few minutes, before bed. This has many benefits for your mind, body and soul and helps to ground and relax you.

  • I use a range of relaxing blended oils. To find out more about oils, please contact Jane Evans and by her oil’s page.
  • Just before I go to sleep, I always list what I am grateful for. This could be anything from speaking to family or going on my daily walk. Some days, I have to dig deep to find what I am grateful for, but there is always something.
  • In the morning, I set my intention for the day and dedicate my day to someone.
  • The other important thing is to remember to breathe from your diaphragm. In times of stress and when we are feeling anxious, we tend to breathe from our chest. We need to go back to the natural breathing state we had as babies and remember to calmly breathe in and out.
  • Remember to stay safe: follow the current guidelines on health, hygiene and social distancing.

Please don’t suffer in silence there are many organisations (including your GP) that can help, support and sign post:

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