New children’s television show -MixMups!

Super delighted to share that I was the series consultant of this new children’s TV show, Mixmups.

Created by Rebecca Atkinson from Toy Like Me, with a super talented team.

First episode landed on Milkshake TV on Saturday 4th November 2023. Please watch on catch up via My5.

”Mixmups is a show about mixing and play with loveable characters in a seaside inspired house, but the show also has a unique backstory of authentic disability representation and leadership, a campaign to change the children’s industries for 150 million disabled children, the UK Young Audience Content Fund, junior consultants, uber creativity, reimagining disability narratives and storytelling, stop motion animation innovation and…. Giggle, the world’s first puppet with an armature with scoliosis (curvature of the spine)!”

”Mixmups brand becomes first TV pre-school brand to forbid single use plastic items on magazine covermounts. Brand owner Rebecca Atkinson explains that the Mixmups brand wanted to lead the way to push kids’ industries to look creatively for new ways to engage with audiences off screen and look for sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic toys, because ‘there is always another way’. By enshrining these values in our head IP, we will ensure the Mixmups brand continues to work for the future of our audience and the planet.”

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