New Children’s Picture Book: Maya and Marley

📘My new children’s book series, Maya and Marley, will be with you in July 2024!

🧐I have worked on this for two years!

💻From researching the images to share with the super talented, illustrator, Yabaewah Scott, I knew how I wanted Maya and Marley & Co to look – from their hair, clothes, shoes (check out the footwear🤪) environment, etc.

🐐You will be introduced to the mischievous goats Lou and Chou as well as the super friendly and cool Street Sweeper Crew.

📍The Maya and Marley series is a nod to my childhood adventure playground in London – Hornimans. Big up the London W10 crew!

✍🏽I have already written book two!

🤎I can’t wait for you all to fall in love with Maya and Marley!

👏🏽Once again, team Ladybird/Penguin Random House thank you for supporting my vision for Maya and Marley:

⭐️Dyanni Swhyer-Brown

⭐️Becky Brown

⭐️Lou Grosart

⭐️Jennifer stephenson

⭐️James Stevens

⭐️Jane Riordan

⭐️Libby Warden

⭐️Jasmine Joynson

🕵️‍♀️Jodie Hodges, my Fab U Lous Agent!

Please see articles in the The Bookseller and The  Book Brunch.

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