New Children’s Picture Book: Maya and Marley

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My new children’s book series, Maya and Marley, will be with you in July 2024!

I have worked on this for two years!

From researching the images to share with the super talented, illustrator, Yabaewah Scott, I knew how I wanted Maya and Marley & Co to look - from their hair, clothes, shoes (check out the footwear) environment, etc.

You will be introduced to the mischievous goats Lou and Chou as well as the super friendly and cool Street Sweeper Crew.

The Maya and Marley series is a nod to my childhood adventure playground in London - Hornimans. Big up the London W10 crew!

✍I have already written book two!

I can’t wait for you all to fall in love with Maya and Marley!

Once again, team Ladybird/Penguin Random House thank you for supporting my vision for Maya and Marley:

⭐️Dyanni Swhyer-Brown

⭐️Becky Brown

⭐️Lou Grosart

⭐️Jennifer stephenson

⭐️James Stevens

⭐️Jane Riordan

⭐️Libby Warden

⭐️Jasmine Joynson

️‍♀️Jodie Hodges, my Fab U Lous Agent!

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