Merry Christmas from Maya and Marley!

Maya and Marley wishes you a Merry Christmas!

I can’t wait for everyone to meet Maya and Marley next year.

Check out  Maya and Marley eating Cornmeal porridge in their personalised Calabash bowls!

Check out  Maya and Marley’s hair!

Check out Maya and Marley’s beautiful complexion!

Check out  Maya and Marley’s clothing!

Check out  Maya and Marley’s footwear!

I knew how I wanted the nuances in this book to look. @Yabaewah the super talented illustrator million % understood the assignment.

You are going to love the cheeky Goats Lou and Chou, ooh and  Maya and Marley’s friends The Street Sweeper Crew!

Wait till your see where Maya and Marley live in their playful outdoor world!

One can pre-order, the first book in the Maya and Marley series, The Great Big Tidy Up, via this link.

Thanks as always to team Ladybird Books.

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