Giovana and I. Giovana is the illustrator of My Family, Your Family.

Conference/Book Launch photos and more

As promised, here are the photographs, of My Family, Your Family book launch/conference and other links for you to follow up from the fabulous day we had together.

We were treated to an emotive and inspiring song by the children from Wendell Park Primary school. Please click on to listen and if you would like a copy of the lyrics, please feel free to email me?

We also thought you might like the Conference Playlist – so here is the link for Spotify:

Also, a reminder of the link to purchase My Family, Your Family, and if you do purchase a copy, please can you leave a review/feedback?

You may recall that we had a photographer, Drew throughout the day – here is a link to the final photographs:

My Family, Your Family

You can also download resources created to support My Family, Your Family from the following link:

And here are some articles on families, we thought you might find useful.

Finally, so many of you enjoyed Dr Margaret Hannah’s introduction to the day and Kitbag – here is a link to their resources:

Thank you again for your contributions and making the day special for us.


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