Bon Jounen Kwéyòl

Bon Junen Kwéyòl, to everyone celebrating!

In brief, Jounen Kwéyòl is a month-long celebration in St Lucia and Dominica (with the final celebration on the last Sunday of the month), of French and African culture, language, food, customs, etc.

Although, I visit St Lucia many times, I haven’t been for Jounen Kwéyòl, since 2008, for my Grans (original Gran Gran) last birthday, before she gained her angel wings. Her birthday was on the 23rd October and we were always there for Jounen Kwéyòl.

What a pleasure to have my investiture, gran’s heavenly birthday, Black History Month and Jounen Kwéyòl all in October!

Last week Princess Anne asked me about my Madras (traditional dress of St Lucia and many other Caribbean Island) inspired outfit, during my investiture.


Manners and respect to CBeebies and BBC studios crew for the Jounen Kwéyòl inspired JoJo and Gran Gran episode, written by the super talented Gemma Bedeau, where one can watch via @BBCiplayer.

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