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So far this year, I have had the pleasure of travelling to China and Costa Rica to work with a wide range of colleagues working within the education sector.

Over the years, my work has taken me to many countries around the world. I have been able to share my love and passion for early childhood education with so many different individuals who then go on to share their new knowledge with the children and the families that they work with.

It is an honour to receive this feedback from the colleagues who booked my service.

“If you ask a child who they look up to, their answers may vary from famous pop stars, film stars, book characters etc. If you ask an Early Years educator who they look up to, their simple answer should be Laura Henry. Laura is the encyclopaedia for Early Years education and shares her expert knowledge in such an inspiring way that delegates leave not only with a new friend, but with new ideas, passion and a reminder that children should always come first. When delivering her course to an international audience, Laura is able to unite a group of educators from different educational sectors and provide them all with new knowledge that has a lasting impact on their work with the ‘little people.’ Laura is the most humble expert in this industry and delivers training in such a way that delegates feel connected, inspired and eager to make the necessary changes to their establishments. It is indeed one of the best decisions to connect with Laura and we all hope she returns to China very soon to share her experience, fascinating stories and library of Early Years tips and suggestions. Thank you, Laura for a great start to a new decade.”
Thomas Powell and Zach Lou Min ,Co-founder or General Manager, Mastermind Education , China

“Laura is a charismatic presenter who communicates and transmits to her audience her deep passion for children and education. Her expertise on the latest theories on child development and neuroscience, as well as her array of experiences in the Early Years sector, greatly enrich every element of her training sessions. Laura has led us, once again, to fix our gaze on what matters most, the child, and has invited us to reflect on our current approaches to rediscover our children. Having Laura has been a true inspiration that has impacted all of us, and it has been the most positive and refreshing way to begin our school year.”
Carmen Sacasa, Early Years Coordinator, British School of Costa Rica

International work:
Are you an international school or early childhood setting, nursery, kindergarten and/or pre-school? Part of my work involves sharing and connecting with a wide range of colleagues from around the world. I have worked in India, Switzerland, UAE, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Costa Rica, to name but a few. I am able to deliver a range of training sessions, keynote speeches, hands-on consultancy with the senior leadership team and within the classrooms, bespoke writing projects, and tailored work for charities and parents. Please contact me to discuss your personal requirements:

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