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The deputy head of Wendell Park Primary School (School Partnership), Rosie, ordered a signed copy of My Skin, Your Skin for every class; they already had a copy and were keen to use the book to support their reflections for Anti-Bullying Week.

It was my absolute pleasure to personally drop off the books on Thursday. It was only meant to be a quick visit: drop the books off and go! However, Rosie wanted to celebrate her school with me and celebrate she did!

I was in awe at what she has achieved, as a black leader within a school. I can always feel the organisational behaviour of a school from how I am greeted when I walk in the door. The welcome from EVERYONE at Wendell Park was amazing and they were super excited to have me visit their school.

The staff team is extremely diverse and they are doing great work with the children. The staff were passionate and you could see this in the teaching and learning and how engaged the children were. They were keen to share their stories, I even shook a leg in a dance class that was taking place in the hall.

I was delighted to hear Rosie talk about their before and after school clubs, how she used to lead on their Saturday school and how they supported families during lockdown, as well as their action points on school development.

When a class walked past us on my impromptu tour, I said to Rosie: “That is year 2!” “How do you know that they are year 2?” asked Rosie “30 years plus in education! I replied.

I had conversations with children about JoJo and Gran Gran, their home languages, and the writing they were doing. Rosie commented that she could see how much I loved being with the children. Once a teacher always a teacher, eh? Even though I now work in TV, it is always there.

On walking through the playground and on route to my car, I chatted to a group of children on how they pronounced my name in Latin, and on reaching my car a member of staff returning from the local shop, during her lunch break, handed me a KitKat.

Big up Rosie for your A-for-Awesome school and the practised empathy throughout Wendell Park.

I will be back to do an author reading, assembly, Q&A and literacy workshop.

If you would like me to do an author visit at your school or setting and/or speak at an event, including a signed copies of my books, please email: admin@laurahenryallain.com

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