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Whatever your training requirements, wherever you are, I can help you.

"Laura is the person to call for nursery consultation and staff training. Her breadth of experience and knowledge is amazing, and she’s able to turn any nursery into an outstanding one! Laura is humble and warm and a pleasure to work with! Our nursery has made great strides since we started working with Laura. We highly recommend her.”

Zeena Assam, founder & managing director, UAE

EYFS 2017 clearly states: 

“Providers must support staff to undertake appropriate training and professional development opportunities to ensure they offer quality learning and development experiences for children that continually improves”.

I am able to help you develop training plans and reflective documents for your staff to meet this requirement of registration. 

My specialisms are devising and delivering high quality training workshops, INSET days, conferences and extended learning programmes on a host of Early Years related topics. Emphasis is placed on self-reflection and the practical application of theory. 

Delegates are encouraged to create action plans that identify specific next steps to support the implementation and enhancement of standards.

I use a variety of approaches to tap into an individual’s creativity; for example, if there is an outdoor area at a venue, we go outside, work in groups, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting. The variety of group exercises keys into individual learning styles, making sure that there is inclusive learning in place.

Each delegate receives a set of comprehensive handouts, the PowerPoint presentation and a certificate of attendance to support their continuous professional and personal development.

I have written several books for educators

Book - Senses

My award winning book:
“Play Foundations – Senses”,
in which children discover a range of ‘senses’ to promote their learning and development skills, offers simple and quick activities to do with children aged birth – three. This spectacular book won a Practical Pre-School Gold award!

Book - A to Z

“A to Z of Inspiring Early Years: Paragraphs”,
Designed in a simple format for easy reference the inspiring paragraphs are helpful for educators to use as a pocket guide, for students to reflect on during their studies and for settings to use during their staff meetings.

Book - Laura's Rhymes

“Laura's Rhymes”,
provides a wonderful selection of traditional nursery rhymes and is a great resource for early years settings and for parents to use at home with their children. These rhymes positively promote children’s communication and language development.

Book - Wellbeing

“50 Top Tips for Well-being: Creating a culture of well-being in and away form work”,
This useful practical guide on well-being has a selection of free and cost-effective tips.There’s a top tip for everyone as Laura shares ideas including a selection of team building exercises, creating a positive workplace culture and keeping healthy. This book is a must for your workplace library.

Over the years I have shared my thoughts via blogs and have recorded a number of podcasts with Early Years leaders

"Laura combines huge experience and expertise with great passion and energy. Working with tiney over the last year, she has continuously challenged and supported us to ensure we have the highest possible standards for safeguarding, inclusion and educational quality. Laura is a delight to work with and is always inspiring and illuminating.”

Brett Wigdortz OBE, Founder Teach First; CEO & Founder tiney.co


Quality audit visits

"Thank you, Laura! The process really made a difference. Because of that, everyone took the real inspection in their stride, and we were able to demonstrate through the consultancy action plan and our SEF our continuous improvement. The inspector seemed impressed that we had sought the views of third parties such as Laura Henry-Allain to demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement”

Tiffany Clutterbuck, director, Newpark Childcare, London

My impact visits are carried out using a 360° approach.

The impact visits are only one part of the service. I use a variety of methods from role modelling and guiding to on-the-day training. Part of the package includes sharing my relevant documents to support and further enhance your practice. 

Nursery start-ups

I have successfully project managed the development of new industry compliant nurseries and pre-school settings. I work with architects and suppliers, as well as design the nursery, advise on the Early Years curriculum and recruit quality staff, to enable your new nursery to be the leading local provider. 

"Laura has the unique ability to translate a client’s pedagogy into a workable brief that enables architects and designers to understand their clients’ wishes and deliver them in full. Having been a teacher, a nursery manager, an inspector and a mother, she has great insight into what children, teachers, owners and parents need and is a great asset to any new or refurbishment project. Working closely with all stakeholders, Laura is able to translate her clients’ visions into reality with flair and finesse”

Phil Smith BA (Hons) Arch, Dip Arch (Dist), PG Dip Arch Prac.
Architect (UK), RIBA, Collingridge and Smith Architects (UK) Ltd

‘Watching me, watching you!’

Where I work with you or your team, I’ll talk through your current practices then model outstanding practice.

In addition, I will show you how to carry out an effective audit to grade your setting, to improve your practice and make a real difference to children’s outcomes.

When it comes to providing guidance or support, you can count on me to deliver.

My approach is about relationship building and many of my clients have used my services for a number of years.

With my wealth of Early Years knowledge, combined with strong business acumen and real enthusiasm, I have developed an enviable reputation for success, meeting deadlines, writing comprehensive reports and improving outcomes for children.

Marketing, branding and writing

I am able to work with you to help identify the unique selling points and characteristics of your setting. This will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. I can write, edit and proofread prospectuses, press releases, flyers, advertisements, newsletters or any other literature that add value to your setting.

Websites and social media

As a professional in Early Years, I would strongly recommend that every setting has a website. However, a basic website is often no longer sufficient: many sites do not adequately promote the settings. Working in collaboration with an experienced copywriter and web designer, I am able to redesign or create from scratch an articulate and effective website that promotes the ethos and unique characteristics of your setting, while still ensuring the site is user friendly for both your parents and staff.

In addition, I can help you communicate via social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. I can show you how to connect and share with both current and future parents, promoting the ethos and characteristics of your setting.

Over the last few years I have built strong working relationships with other experienced professionals: for example, I can call upon a copyeditor and wordsmith, a website developer and a virtual assistant who have become part of my team, ensuring each project is a success, fully meets the client’s brief and exceeds expectations.

Setting interior design

The cliché says: ‘first impressions count’. Does your environment mirror your ethos? How is it seen from a child’s perspective? Can others see that your environment enhances children’s learning and development? How is it seen from a prospective parent’s or visitor’s point of view? Is it warm and inviting? Would it make a prospective parent feel at home and, more importantly, give them the confidence to send their child to your setting? These are important questions for you to consider. I am able to help you with your environment: from the outside, the entrance and each of the rooms, to make sure that you have considered everything.

"Laura was involved in virtually all aspects of our setting, a voice of reason and experience that is unrivalled.

Laura was instrumental in helping us reduce our startup costs by putting us in touch with the best and most efficient people in the industry.

Laura is an industry expert and her breadth of knowledge and contacts expedited our operational start date. We couldn’t have made it so quickly without Laura.”

Marvin Woode
EFWY Educational Services

Laura's Early Years Resources & Conferences

EY Square Link - Podcasts

Over a period of two years between 2017 and 2019 Laura recorded 16 Episodes of her popular series of Early Years Leaders Podcasts. You can access them by clicking on the button below:

EY Square Link - Webinars

Laura is renowned for her informative and educational webinars around a wide range of subjects that were always well attended. Here are a selected few that are available for you to view:

EY Square Link - Blogs

Laura has written many blogs and articles over the years, providing her thoughts and opinions and sharing information and links to relevant subject for the sector. You can access them below:

EY Square Link - Conferences

Laura introduced the Early Years Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child Conference in 2016, which were held annually until 2019. You can access the details and associated resources from the button below:

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