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"Laura joined us part way into the development of an animated preschool project but it immediately felt like she had been part of the team from the very beginning. Right away she began to inhabit the concept, instantly bringing valuable insight and input about our characters, their world and their authenticity. In addition, she carried out key research with our show’s demographic, assessing the impact and effectiveness of the key underlying themes and curriculum as well as the show’s more universally appealing elements. On top of this, Laura is a thoroughly great person and a pleasure to work with, which never hurts!” ”

Chris Bowden, Producer, Mackinnon and Saunders


As well as creating the characters JoJo and Gran Gran, I was also series consultant, advising on scripts, animation, and overall production.

I have used my educational expertise to work alongside animation, production and distribution companies, from concept to screen. Clients have found this very beneficial, especially in the areas of equality, diversity and inclusion and making sure that the voice of the child is truly represented on screen.

"With her wealth of experience and knowledge of Early Years children and education, Laura was a natural choice to work with us on our pre-school publishing projects. We worked closely on magazine development and were delighted with our result. Laura is a charm to work with – always professional and allowing us to be creative while keeping the reader firmly in mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura to prospective clients”

Alexandria Turner, Editor in Chief, DC Thomson, Scotland

Brand Consultancy

Offering expert advice to brands that provide services and products to children and families

I have acted as an expert advisor to brands, market researchers and a range of suppliers whose products are for children and families.

I co-authored a research and evidenced-based piece for Mattel, sharing top tips for parents on how to raise an anti-racist child.

I wrote a booklet for the publishing house Random House for parents on ‘introducing books to your baby and young child.’

"Laura has used her Early Years expertise to support Three Stone Media with our children’s properties. Her knowledge has been invaluable in bringing a new dimension to our productions.”

Greg Boardman, managing director, Three Stones Media Ltd

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